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2018 [14 Feb 2018|11:35pm]
It's 2018!
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Hello 2017 [01 Jan 2017|10:37pm]
We made it!
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Last few months review [09 Dec 2016|04:52am]
My daughter moved back from Pembroke Pines/Hollywood Fla in Sept/Oct because of all the problems there including Zika and not receiving mail due to theft possibly by the mail carrier(s). I purchased a heater for the back on 10/10/16 and hooked it up myself. I got it running last night with the help of Craig from Apple Refrigerator who is also on the board of the neighborhood association he re-did the vent work so that there was no threat of carbon monoxide.
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[08 Dec 2015|10:11pm]
Almost missed my yearly post. Things have been looking up so far. Got rid of my 1st real computer last month. RIP 1st real computer....
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Today Daughter left for Florida [31 Jul 2012|09:05pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

My daughter left for Florida this morning around 8am. I got choked up but I held it together. My Favorite Aunt Nita went to the bus station with me to bid them farewell. I bought her breakfast and we played at the arcade at the bus station. They called her bus and I carried some of her stuff to the bus. The driver closed the door and was about to take off and I heard my aunt calling me. I so wanted to stay on that bus. We said our last goodbye and I watched the bus pull off. I thought back to all the times I complained about changing dirty diapers and waking up early mornings and late at night to make bottles. I'd give everything I had to go back to those days.

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Finally Semi-Good News! [07 Sep 2011|10:51am]
Lady from the winterization program came by and took a look at the place. Hopefully my persistence has paid off. She said since she had been here last, I had made tremendous improvements to the place. Signed paperwork and they said I may get a new heating system and a new water heater. I had been fighting with them for  over a year. Maybe even 2 years!
If you happen to see this, please pray that this gets done! If you don't pray, send some luck or blessings my way please. I really would appreciate it!
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SPAM?? [12 Jul 2011|10:12am]

Not sure if spammers get paid each time they spam or if they make a sale but... (Rule #1). If you are going to spam someone, please make sure it is in a language that they understand. It only makes sense. Not going to sell anything if the people you're spamming can't understand. YOU'RE FIRED!

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New Security Light [27 Jun 2011|11:26pm]
I had a new big @$$ security light put on the side of my building. My electric bill is going to kick my @$$!!!!
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[19 May 2011|11:59pm]
Took Greyhound to Atlanta May 9th came back on the 13th arrived in Louisville @ 5:30am Saturday the 14th. Hung out with Cousin Harry while there. Shopped and ate well. That's all...
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Facebook [19 May 2011|11:44pm]

Monday, May 16th, 2011 was my first day on Facebook. I am (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002413180951#!/profile.php?id=100002413180951)
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Power - Lines [06 Nov 2008|09:28pm]
My gas and electric bill was $2,000.00 in July/August. No that isn't a typo. Let me rephrase that, someone else's bill was $2,000.00 dollars and I got stuck with it. I've spoken to the Alderman face to face, the deputy Mayor face to face, reps from the electric company face to face and over the phone, I called the news investigation team, attorneys. It is just stupid for a city this big, to have one power company. People's houses have burned down because they have cut their power off and they just don't get it! I bet if I ran this bitch off windmills or solar power they would probably make me get a permit or something. Someone is in the power companies pocket.
I voted Tuesday, November 4th . This lady sent me to the wrong line - the longest line! Then when I got to the front of the line, one of the ladies sent me to another line which wasn't really a line it was 1 person in front of me who was in the wrong line. After they sent him where he was supposed to go, I went there and they told me that I was in the wrong damn line again!!!! So I went to another line and... surprise! the same guy that was in the other wrong line with me was right in front of me. We started joking about it and I took my ballot and sat on some stairs and voted cause there was a line going to the booth and I was like eff another line.
Man my left, bottom, wisdom tooth is killing me. I'm about drunk off Oragel. I'm getting it pulled tomorrow hopefully. I sure will miss you, you useless.........!
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Excuse me. Is that cheap shit you're wearing? [26 Aug 2008|01:11am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Why was dude's cologne so strong that I could taste it? Why did I think out loud and go "WHEW!" when he passed? There outta be a law. He had the nerve to walk down the aisle really fast and disappear and the smell lingered so the ladies that walked by me afterwards probably thought it was me! When I went back to that aisle some time later, why was the smell of cheap cologne still in the air? He was 2 aisles over from me checking out and I still got a whiff of that cheap shit. Why did I smell it in the parking lot as I was walking out half a parking lot away from him? He should be ticketed. I just picture him at home concocting that crap in some lab with broken bottles and just rubbing his hands together, standing in a room butt neckid rubbing that shit all over himself, then as he puts on each layer of clothing spraying it on.

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Not good for me. Maybe good for you. [09 Aug 2008|10:27am]
I'll just cut to the chase, no it wasn't. I was at work trying to locate someone's date of death through their local newspaper online when I happened upon an article about a rare 1943 penny that sold for $72,500 and then the buyer resold it for over $100,000. Well, I went into my chest and went through my old wheat pennies. I checked the date on an old penny that I found in the laundry room in my old apartments. This is a silver colored 1943 steel penny. I looked it up online and my penny is only worth 15¢.

here are the links if you care to read.

PENNY $72,500


If you have the rare penny remember who told you about it and help a brotha out :P
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Mouse in my House [05 Jul 2008|05:44pm]
I started seeing rodent crap in my house a few weeks ago. It was in a confined area of the house so I was concerned but not concerned enough to take action. Then the mouse/mice started venturing out and exploring other parts of the house to crap and invading my personal space. Then I saw a mouse running behind the fridge and then through my bedroom. The last straw was when I saw crap on my clean dishes! I hate washing dishes! Even more so when they are dishes that haven't been used. I went to the drugstore around the corner and bought the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap and the Victor Quick Set Mouse Trap, grand total $25 and some change. About a week went by and no mouse. I went to another store around the corner and bought 2, 2packs of sticky mouse traps for around $2 or $3 and some change total. I came in this morning a little after 4am and found the mouse stuck to the trap.
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I'm glad this month is almost over! [30 May 2008|07:21am]
I was moving my matress about 2 weeks ago. I put it on the back of my truck but I didn't tie it down. The matress caught wind and blew into the slow lane. I pulled into the emergency lane and  started cursing. My daughter said "What's wrong daddy?" I told her the mattress was in the street and she started laughing. I ran out into the street and waited for the long line of cars, lined up behind my mattress to clear. I grabbed the mattress and ran back to the truck with it. I lifted the mattress up to put it in the truck bed and my pants fell halfway down and took my drawers with them.
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Thank GOD! [02 Apr 2008|08:18pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I am finally getting that crackhead out of my building! Me and my brother are going in with the sherrifs Friday to move his stuff out. That crap has consumed my days for the last few months. I will probably move into that apt after I clean up, paint and change the locks. I will work on the bottom floor and try to open a small laundry mat. I'm semi-through partying. I got a raise today and that is it for now my friends.

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2007 almost over [18 Nov 2007|01:50pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

What a year! I've been on my job now for almost a year and a half. I'm considering getting a 2nd job for awhile. My daughter is doing great in school and winning alot of contests and she is very popular. She has been a real blessing and inspiration to me. I'm not hanging out as much because everyone has been very busy including myself. I can't believe this year is almost over. Some of my friends on here have died and I haven't seen or heard from most of the rest.

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Little BS update [29 Aug 2007|07:35pm]
Been trying to stay focused......
Skipped 2 vacations to focus on increasing revenue......
Not partying as much because it almost became like a job....
Not working the 2nd J-O-B anymore. That shhhushyomouf was killing your boy!!!!!
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My trip to GA [28 May 2007|01:28pm]
Friday, May 25, 2007: I stopped by Hollywood video at 10am because they were selling DVDs for 99¢ and some for $3.99 (that's way cheaper than bootleg).. Around 10:30am I headed to Georgia. I arrived in downtown Atlanta around 5 something??? I called Shel poeticpeach to find out how to get to the hotel. I stopped @ a shopping center in downtown Atlanta and stopped in a wholesale warehouse. I called the # poeticpeach gave me to the hotel. I called the Holiday Inn and spoke to Forest at the front desk. After a few wrong turns I made it to the hotel. I walked with Shel to Taco Mac where we me up with live4lyfe, soki & var60. We sat and talked for hours and then we left and said out goodbye's. I walked around Decatur with Shel and checked out the sights and we stopped at a poetry spot but nothing was crackin there so we stopped at a little bar and talked. The guy at the bar told us it was too late to sit outside so we went back to the Hotel.
Saturday, May 26, 2007: The next day we headed to one of my favorite spots, The Cheesecake Factory. I started a new trend, eating your desert after your appetizers but before your main course. I headed back to the hotel with Shel where we got things together and said our goodbye's. We had a very deep conversation on the way back. Before I drove back to Louisville Shel reminded me not to speed. I tried to to push the car as fast as I could but it would only go to 107 mph. The speedometer went to about 140 something? I think?? what a tease. I hit KY and I was home free until....duhn duh duh duh!!! I see flashing red and blue lights duhn duh duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhnnnnnnnn! I pull over and the cop gets out of the car and yells "PUT YOUR CAR IN PARK!"
I said: "It's in park."
he said: "PUT- YOUR - CAR - IN - PARK!!"
I start looking at the dash and said: "It is in park!"
he gets back in the car and gets on the megaphone: "PUT- YOUR - CAR - IN - PARK!!!"
I took the keys out of the ignition and said: "THE CAR IS IN PARK!!"
(I dialed my friend on the phone and left it on just in case this guy kills me or something)
he gets back out of the car and says: "PUT- YOUR - CAR - IN - PARK!!!!!"
I said: "I - PUT - THE - CAR - IN - PARK!!!"
he gets back in the car and gets on the megaphone again: " "PUT- YOUR - CAR - IN - PARK!!!!"
I start looking around and everything is completely off on the car and I'm thinking is this guy crazy or what!!!!???. I told him: "The car is in park!"
He walks toward me and said that he gets nervous when people's back-up lights are on???
I told him I was in a rental and gave him my license and rental papers. He said he clocked me @ 80 something in a 65 mph zone but he reduced it to 72 and let me off with a warning, I think? I reluctantly called Shel and told her what happened and she was like I told you LOL!
Anyway, I love you guys and we will have to do it again. If I still have a license LMAO!!!!! And thank you God for delivering me safely!
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Moving [04 Dec 2006|10:12pm]
Man I'm sorry haven't been around. I was in the process of moving to a bigger spot and it took forever to get my stuff transferred. It was supposed to take 5 days but it took almost a month. Anyway on the bright side it helped me focus on some things I needed to take care of so I guess that's a good thing right? Also R.I.P Leslie we love you.
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